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The Amateur Athletic Union has been a proud partner of Eastbay since 2000. It just makes sense that one of the most well known, well respected, and well represented amateur sports organizations would partner with the leading world retailer of athletic shoes, apparel, and equipment. Over this decade-plus relationship, Eastbay has supported the AAU on its quest to offer developing athletes a platform in which they can grow their skills in sport, create lasting life memories, and experience the thrill of competition! Simply put, the AAU is where young athletes go to expand upon a sport-influenced knowledge base and pursue their dreams! Eastbay is where those same athletes go to acquire elite-level products, giving them the every edge possible to perform at their very best! What the partnership, with Eastbay, also does is give AAU districts, administrators, coaches, and volunteers the opportunity to outfit their staffs and teams in the latest products from the top brands in sport through the MVP treatment Eastbay Team Services provides! As an AAU member, you are entitled to special team pricing and offerings from Eastbay Team Services. From the exclusive AAU Eastbay Team Services Catalog to the private AAU member customer service phone number (1.866.302.9459) your status as an AAU member gives you a level of service options no other sports organization has at their disposal! During the length of this partnership, Eastbay and the AAU have each made great strides in assisting developing athletes reach their goals. It's our hope that the next 10 years will see even greater witness to this mission. Do you part to support the AAU, purchase your shoes, apparel, and equipment from Eastbay Team Services!